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Trent Vora Freelance Web Designer London UK

Freelance Web Designer for London & UK

A Quality and an Experienced Web Designer London

What I offer is a real, honest, quality service based on sincere client care and unique, innovative solutions. Whatever your online goals or the style of your business, I can tailor my approach to suit your needs perfectly.

Taking the Time to Understand your Web Design needs

Working with me is a genuinely collaborative process. You will be involved closely as each stage of your project progresses, ensuring your requirements are fully met. Please book a meeting or call with me in advance; I will then understand your business needs, target market and what your vision for your business is.

The Best Flexible Website Design Solution

As a freelance web designer, I am extremely flexible when it comes to timescales and pricing. I can always adjust to accommodate your specific business needs. Due to the nature of my work I am unrestricted to standard office hours and am available on the phone at any time, any week.

Fast Turnaround Time for your Website Design

The last thing you want is to be waiting weeks on end for work to be completed! With me, this is not an issue. Part of my core idiom is to ensure any work for clients is finished swiftly, allowing you to focus on your other goals without time concerns.

A Freelance Web Designer for the Long Term

My core philosophy is based on respect for my clients as long term partners for growth, not merely customers. This allows me to develop and maintain long term business relationships. I will remain in regular contact with you before, during, and after the project. I am fully dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Trent Vora Freelance Web Designer London UK

An Experienced Freelance Web Designer in London

Whilst web design is extremely important, it is the intricacies of web development that hold a site together and ensure its stability and ease of use to customers.

I can offer you anything and everything on the vast spectrum of web development, from the integration of third-party software to highly complex database driven sites.

Through my 15 years of experience building all kinds of websites, I am able to implement the latest tech with the least of hassle, making your site truly user-friendly.

An Innovative Web Designer in London

Innovation is key to what I do. Because I am a freelancer, I am neither restricted by nor bound to the constitutions of larger companies – which are often less individually focused.

In this century, as web development is reaching new levels of dynamic complexity and scalability, it is freelance web developers who are able to offer the most cutting edge technology and solutions.

This is what I am all about: technology on the periphery of new ideas combined with carefully scaled development.

An Expert Web Designer in London

As technology evolves, trends shifting all the while, there is a need for true experts who know are abreast with the latest. My expertise lies in all of the latest technologies like, HTML, Javascript, Jquery, Angular JS, WordPress Development, MVC and SQL.

Whatever changes are in the ether, I am always closely observing them, ensuring I am able to continually offer my clients reliable and innovative tech solutions across the spectrum of coding and software.

And that’s what you need: not to think about what any of the complex solutions I offer mean, but to know they will work suit your requirements.

Trent Vora Freelance Web Developer London UK
Trent Vora Freelance Web Developer London UK
Trent Vora Freelance WordPress Designer London UK

WordPress Web Design London

WordPress websites for a long time have stood out as an excellent platform for businesses. To begin with, because of its popularity there is a large community of WordPress developers enabling fluidity in the long term support and maintenance of your website. Its flexibility and ability to use plugins makes it adaptable to fulfil almost any functional requirement.

WordPress websites’ simple user interface makes it easy for users to operate it. It offers an excellent posting interface for adding new content or editing existing ones. Moreover, it has great design options with an infinite choice of beautiful themes.

Another impressive feature of WordPress websites is its adaptation to Search Engine Optimisation or ‘SEO’. It provides detailed visitor statistics and data which can be presented in colourful maps and graphs.

There are many compelling reasons, why a small business should choose WordPress websites and can serve as a game changer for their online presence.

So, feel free to contact me, a highly experienced WordPress Web Designer London, and see how I can benefit you and your business.


Trent was patient, constructive, creative and managed my creative ideas in a very professional manner.

Alison Garton,

Trent is excellent at WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and recently he has also began managing our Social Media campaigns. He is a very committed person and is always available when you need him.

Costas Voutiras,

I highly recommend Trent who has worked with us since 2011. He is fantastic with all aspects of website development and SEO.

Simon Hickman,

I have known and worked with Trent for the last 5 years for creating my websites. Throughout all the work he’s done he’s been very helpful and knowledgeable in all areas giving 100% effort! I’m sure we will work together for the foreseeable future on new projects.

John Ford,

After feeling let down by our previous website designers, we hired Trent who did a great job on our website. We then rehired him to do our SEO, Adwords and will utilise his services in the foreseeable future.

Sam Ramanan,
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