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10 Reasons Your Small Business Should Outsource its SEO Operations


No matter what your business is, whether it’s managed by you as an offline business or you own an online store, or anything, how your business ranks in search engine results are extremely important.

It can have an enormous impact on your business’s future, not to mention your general profitability. This is because most online searchers – the overwhelming majority, in fact – don’t ever make it past the first page of search results anyway. Many others go slightly further but rarely beyond the first three pages of results. Thus, if your business doesn’t rank highly for your chosen keywords, where is your company? It may as well be invisible.

For all these reasons, SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is a crucial element of success in the modern world of business. So much so, in fact, that a whole industry of SEO experts have sprung up, all of whom are ready and prepared to help you make improvements to your ranking on search engines.

So what should you do? Choose one of these experts at SEO to build your website and keep your rankings on search engines really high? No matter how much you may think you can do it alone instead, there are a great many real advantages to outsourcing your SEO operations. From us at Trent & Hanover, here are 10 of the biggest ones.

The Rules Are Constantly Changing

This means it can be extremely difficult to score points since the playing field of SEO is always being deconstructed and reconstructed. That, however, is the nature of the beast; it’s what the modern SEO environment has become. To avoid making the often costly mistakes that come with poorly navigating the frequently shifting landscape, you can outsource your SEO activities to real experts, who will help you to navigate this landscape correctly.

Just a Single Mistake Could get you Banned

For a really extreme but very real example of this, you should be aware that literally making just one particularly bad error could lead to your site being literally banned by search engines – including Google. This can be lethal to your business – it’s not a mistake you can really afford to be making.

Search Engine Rankings are Everything

No matter whether you’re looking to gain new customers, sell more of your products or anything related, it’s your search engine rankings that could make the biggest difference to your small business’s success or failure. When you outsource your SEO operations to those with real expertise, you can be safely assured that you’ll keep your search rankings high on the list and thus make the most of your company.

Outsourcing SEO Tasks

This can be a great way to ensure your online properties, plus most importantly your website, stay up to date. Tweaking your website(s) yourself can be extremely tedious and/or time-consuming to say the very least; if you outsource to someone with expertise, you need not to concern yourself with any of these more mundane issues and tasks.

Taking Advantage of Specific Expertise

It’s important to remember that the SEO world can be highly complex, fraught with confusing issues that require very specific expertise to solve problems and make things work really right. Again, when you outsource your SEO, you gain the advantage which comes from the help given by that expertise, which in turn allows you to focus on the day to day running of your company rather than concerning yourself with too many smaller issues.

Focusing on what you do best becomes easier

When you outsource your SEO, you can focus on becoming an expert in your own right – at running your own business best. There’s a good chance you lack expertise in search engine algorithms, regardless of how good you are at running your own company. So by outsourcing your SEO, you can keep your focus where it belongs: on doing the things you do best. Selling your products or services, serving your customers, and the like.

Predictable Costs

Contracting with an SEO company makes it very, very easy for you to determine what your fixed costs are likely to be. You can then calculate your investment returns, budget more easily, and more. This can only be a good thing, as it means you will actually probably improve your profit margins.

Improving your Keyword Optimisation

No matter how much you might think you know about keywords and what your customers are likely to be searching for, you can’t ever be certain without the right advice. Whereas when you outsource your SEO, you’ll get that very expert assistance which you need to avoid such problems which can come with choosing the wrong keywords, and even worse, mistakenly optimising your website for the wrong ones! This will only lead to a waste of resources and funds, something you can easily avoid with the right expert help.

Outsourcing IT

This can play a huge role in enhancing your marketing efforts; the reason being that SEO really needs to play an integral role in this regard. If you’re outsourcing these operations, then this can make a huge difference by improving your return on investment, not to mention giving a jump start to your advertising results.

Improving the quality of your links

Don’t forget that link building is a hugely important part of search engine optimisation; but, that doesn’t mean every link is equal. Links need to be qualitatively good. If your site has low-quality links attached to it, this could lead to at the worst, you being outright banned; at best, it’ll still damage your search engine rankings, and you don’t want either. Because those who have real expertise in SEO know what to avoid and what to look for, outsourcing will guarantee you need not worry about this at all.


Knowing the modern business climate is extremely important for any business owner, and search engine optimisation is truly a vital element of this; if your business is primarily an online one, it’s even more essential. If you are currently doing SEO for yourself, this might be the right time to rethink and start outsourcing your operations to SEO experts. In doing so, you’ll enjoy not only all the benefits mentioned above but a great, great many more.

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