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4 Online Advertising Methods That Get Results


Are you looking to connect with new potential customers and expand your business? Then one thing you can’t afford to do is ignore the power of online advertising; no matter whether you’re merely a pure play online startup or a local business with an already established customer base, what online ads offer is a simple, quick and cost-effective method to publicise your services. From us at Trent & Hanover, here are four methods to help you get started.

Using Search Engine Pay Per Click (PPC)

SEM, which stands for Search Engine Marketing, is the most commonly used method for online advertising. Naturally, Google provides the strongest opportunities for exposure in this regard. Paid advertising can be a quick method by which to draw in new traffic and achieve visibility, a godsend if your website is convalescing in the organic listings, for example.

There are a few different types of search engine advertising available to you, but the most usual is known as PPC (which stands for pay per click), in which you place bids on the keywords you most want to appear. In short, your position will be higher the more you’re willing to pay for each visitor; you’ll only be charged if a searcher clicks on your ad, however.

Through Social Media Ads

One of the fastest growing areas of online traffic over the past few years has been social media, perhaps unsurprisingly given the development of technology; less expensive mobile devices has given more people easy access to the internet and made owning a computer less mandatory.

For these reasons, social media presents many huge opportunities for reaching people who are seeking entertainment, distractions and the like. Placing the correct message through advertising in front of them at the right moment can give a wonderful result.

Naturally, it’s as simple or complex as you want it to be with regards to the actual method of placing adverts in social media. All of the largest social media sites provide many tools for the setting up of campaigns, and you have the choice of either using powerful targeting options to reach the best customers for your company or paying for blanket exposure.

Using Pop-ups on Web Pages

These are another kind of online advertisement, one which takes a user to a different website than the one they were previously on. Naturally, this form of advertising, being direct but highly intrusive, is something most people learn to hate quite rapidly.

Nevertheless, it can be an effective route to attracting visitors who will provide you with a profit. If you feel your offer is desirable and you aren’t concerned with either loyalty or long-term branding, it can be worth trying; moreover, the cost is usually extremely low.

Using Online Banners

Banner advertising has been the mainstay of online marketing for quite some time – so long as browsers have been able to show graphics, in fact. This can be paid for by either the number of clicks they attract or by the impression. It can be a great way of achieving brand exposure to use simple banner ads on popular, straightforward websites, but remember that they aren’t something to be relied upon for stuff such as driving traffic or sales due to their meager click-through rates.


The reason online marketing has been around for so many decades is that, fundamentally, it works well. Nevertheless, to become an expert in this field can take many years of studying and practicing correctly.

But by applying these four methods to your own approach, you’ll find getting started with the whole enterprise can be nearly effortless and it can definitely give meaningful, tangible results in a worthwhile and immediate manner.

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