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Five Tips to Immediately Increase Website Conversion Rates


It should go without saying that the digital world will only ever continue to expand, and this is a trend which can’t be stopped by you. This means you aren’t merely competing with similar businesses, but on a virtual level with every single person who is creating content in the digital world. Digital contents and websites are reaching all-time highs; conversion rates are dropping. But don’t lose hope in the technology – media hasn’t really, actually declined as such.

Instead, understand that it’s your own responsibility to maximise the use of your website through the optimisation of your strategies. From us at Trent & Hanover, here are five tips on how to immediately begin to increase conversion rates on your website.

Forging Human Connections

The days of old, where businesses were thought of merely as faceless corporations – often with a highly negative connotation – are over. In the modern world, it is through forging human connections with your audience that you’ll be able to then increase conversion rates.

There are many ways to do this. Ensure your brand tells a really compelling story, and commit to a strong personality. Create content which will inform, educate and inspire your audience; exchange humour with them. Above all else, simply be somebody to them.

Streamlining Website Design

Flamboyance might seem cool in a website, but a site which has a combination such as exploding widgets, an image-heavy interface, and broadly flashy design aspects will likely be quite slow to load; this will cost you both potential traffic and valuable conversion.

The key to avoiding this? Streamline your website’s design and apply minimalism, and your website’s conversion rates will increase.

Make Your Call to Action Big

Essentially, you need to think and go big with regards to your call to action if you want your visitors to convert. Obviously, they also need to know what to do, and this applies whether you’re expecting them to subscribe, visit a landing page to see your product or sign up for your mailing list – in any and all cases, the bottom line is to ensure your call to action really stands out.

Frame Testimonials and Trustworthy Social Proof are Important

In this day and age, customers tend to receive information wisely and cleverly. So if you’re giving them incorrect info or advice on your site, they may simply be gone forever without converting at all.

For this reason, it’s essential for you to frame testimonials; this way, they will become real, solid, trustworthy examples of social proof. The populace’s trust in businesses generally has declined steeply, according to the 2017 Edelman’s Trust Barometer study.

Because their trust shifted, quite naturally, from institutions to family, friends, people who have had the same experiences and share similar characteristics, and the like, the key is for you to maximise the use of “organic customer testimonials” in order to earn the trust of as many customers as possible.

Ensure your business process is KISSable

It’s imperative for you to ensure the purchase process on your site is easy and simple to do for any of your customers. To this end, design your process according to this rule: Keep It Simple Silly (KISS). In the world we live in, customers are exposed to distractions and noise on a frequent basis; for this reason, you must maximise their short attention spans.

There are many ways to do this. For a start, keep steps to check out at a minimum – they don’t want to be burdened having to constantly click. So, ask for email and no more than three more fields at max. In short, it’s far more likely for you to see customers abandoning their carts if it’s too difficult to check out.


In order to really, truly increase your site’s conversion rates, you need all of these things to be functioning properly. Keep your website design simple, and your registration and checkout process; ensure you build human connections with your clients; make certain your call to action is impossible to miss or ignore; and above all else, have a repertory of trustworthy social proof to show any potential customers that your website is worth visiting and spending time on.

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