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Building websites that build businesses.

Freelance Web Developer

I always value my clients, and in particular, their rights to both peace of mind and to be happy and satisfied with the work I have done for them. When you hire a freelance web developer like me, you are assured of full support from the very beginning of when I begin the work right through to the full launch of your website.

New And Emerging Technologies

What does does a freelance web developer do? Frequently, the term is misunderstood as merely another description for website design.

In actuality, the two are different but interrelated. A freelance web developer is someone who develops the underlying mechanics and technical aspects of the site itself, whilst web design concerns itself with the expressive, creative elements of the website. Both are of equal importance, but in this case we are discussing web development in particular.

Having a well developed website is crucial for the progression of any business’s development in general. With the emergence of new technologies, there is a need for experienced developers to finely hone their skills. I have been in this field for over 15 years, with expertise in tech such as HTML, Javascript, Jquery, Angular JS, WordPress Development, MVC and SQL, and I am more than able to offer you the latest and best in web development.

Web Development with Clean Code

A clean code website is one which has been optimised to both load more quickly and be easier for search engines to crawl through.

The upside to this is that it means search engines such as Google will be able to determine your site’s ranking more smoothly and swiftly. I am an expert in clean coding, and can provide it to you simply and easily.

Another advantage of clean coding is that it enables more than one web developers to operate with fluidity in the usage of universal development formats.

Fast Loading Web Development

In this extremely fast paced world filled with quick decisions and rapid movement of people, exchange of information at a high rate in particular is crucial.

My experience as a freelance web developer over the years has given me the skills needed to correctly code a website in order to ensure it loads smoothly and neatly across all its varying pages.

This applies across the spectrum of devices, too; whether someone is going through your site on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, they will be able to do so with smoothness and impunity.

Website Post Launch Support

Perhaps most importantly, the last thing you want, quite understandably, is to be left in the dark if you encounter a problem or need extra help from a freelance web developer following the completion of a job.

I also offer a 30 day guarantee and furthermore, several maintenance packages if you require ongoing support. My service has always been based around this level of customer care as a bespoke business.

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