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How much does a Freelance Web Developer charge?

Freelance versus employees

Any small business owner knows about the importance of where every penny goes. Hiring an external freelance developer would, you might imagine, be less cost effective than employing your own.

This, however, is a misconception. Whilst freelance developers may charge more per hour than you’d have to pay your own employees, they are also likely to be highly skilled professionals who are invested in getting a job well done; thus, they will complete the work far more quickly.

Saving money

Hiring a freelance developer also means you avoid the issue of overheads, which you are guaranteed to have if you employ your own people to do the same job.

The combination of these two elements together means that: A. The work will get done far more quickly, resulting in an overall lower net cost; and, B. with the lack of overheads, you life is simpler; you’ve just made an agreement with a professional who loves their work and is invested in making the most of any job they are hired for.

Thus, you can actually do better with money if you hire the right freelance web developer.

Flexible money and rates

Naturally, every freelance web developer will charge their own rates; this is the difference between hiring a freelance developer and employing your own web designers or developers.

Most freelance web developers will either be happy to meet with you and discuss these things in person, or it’s something you can at the very least consult with them about over a phone call or email correspondence. There is no set fee for developers; however, it is due to the highly flexible nature of their work that they are likely to be open to discussing payment options and rates with you, so long as you are open with them.

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