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How to hire a great Freelance Web Developer in London?

Where to start

Before you even begin looking for a freelancer, you need to ask yourself what kind of work is required. Is it purely web design? Do you need a beautifully intricate layout with well crafted images to draw in new customers?

Or are you looking for someone to fix some coding issues with your website, or develop its search engine optimisation (SEO) in order to attract more traffic from search results and push up its Google ranking?

Think about the specifics; if you contact a freelance web developer with very clear ideas in your head of what you need, they’ll respond more positively to you.

Search by location and skill

Now you know what kind of work you need done, it’s time to search according to skill set and based on your own locale.

Search for the right freelance web developer by location, skill set and reviews; these three aspects in particular will be helpful to you in your search, because, if you can find a developer with the location and set of skills which match your needs, you need only check if they are genuinely good. If a large number of reviews say so, consider it.

Making the right deal

Now it’s time to approach your freelance developer. What you need to do is to come to a fair and reasonable agreement; get it written down to ensure everything you expect from the project is outlined correctly. This allows you to add in all the details you require, from when the project will begin to organising payments, corresponding throughout and so on.

Fundamentally, make sure you finalise a deal which you know will end up profiting and developing your business with the least possible time and hassle. Hiring a freelancer is always a shot in the dark, but if you play your cards right and pick the right person, you’re onto a winner.

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