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How to Make Your Call to Action Stand Out


What are CTA buttons? CTA stands for Call to Action, and these buttons are located in a strategic manner and presented in your landing page or site for the purposes for encouraging visitors to convert and/or take the action you’d expect or wish them to do.

As most probably the most important message on your landing page, the CTA button needs to stand out. From us at Trent & Hanover, here are some tips on how to make this button highlight most effectively.

It’s Appearance

One of the best ways to emphasise your CTA button is through its appearance. 93% of customers consider visual appearance and colour above almost any other factors when shopping according to Kissmetrics, and you can take this a step further with colour psychology. With regards to this, orange and green are the most effective colours to use for a CTA button; this, of course, depends on the overall design of your landing page, though.

The best way to go about it is to choose a colour for the button which most directly contrasts with whichever colour you’ve used for the background, making the CTA button really stand out on your page.

Button shape can also have an impact; rounded shape buttons are reported to perform better. To this end, the best way to go about things is to test button shapes and colours and examine and analyse which design leads to the highest rates of conversion.

It’s Language

The kind of language you use makes a huge difference in highlighting the CTA button and whichever message it carries and you’re trying to convey; there are, in fact, provable concepts within psychology which you can use to best craft an effective and memorable message. If you can integrate the psychological tactics of scarcity and lend a sense of real urgency to your CTA buttons, you will surely increase your conversion rates massively. You can take this further by using the CTA button for “values proposition” – in other words, this is what CTA buttons labeled with enticing words such as “Bonus” or “Free” are doing psychologically.

It’s Readability

Unfortunately, the brilliance of any given message or the most striking colour possible for this particular CTA button does not guarantee anything if the readability factor is poor. To avoid this, make your CTA something which is going to be easy to spot and straightforward to see; use a legible font which is large and easy to read. Take care not to take it too far and be obnoxiously obviously with it, however; you need to find a careful balance. Remember that readability can also be affected by how many words appear in the button itself, so it makes sense to keep your CTA button at a maximum of five words.

It’s Positioning

Finally, it should go without saying that the positioning of your CTA button is a crucial element in making it stand out correctly. Most likely you’ll need to put the button and any other vital info above the fold, and remember also that only a handful of visitors will likely end up scrolling to the end of your landing page.

Whilst you don’t want to delay the presentation of the CTA button to any visitors, you’ll also need to follow the natural flow of users and place your “Sign up now” button after they’ve read your product offer. Obviously, if you have more than a single CTA button, ensure that they follow a natural progression – the most prioritised button must get the most attention.


Above all else, keep in mind at all times that emphasising your CTA button needs to be a careful, logical integration of all four elements described above; none will work most effectively without the presence of the other three. Test alternatives if you need to. But if you go about this correctly, you should find it an easy means through which to increase conversion rates.

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