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Flexible pricing to suit your individual needs.


As a freelance web developer, my idiom has always been to get to know you, your vision and what you are hoping to achieve prior to the arrangement of any fees.

There are many factors to successful web development, one of which is knowing the ins and outs of a specific job; in my case, knowing what you really want and need from me will enable me to give you a reasonable estimate of how much I would charge you for my services.

Competitive Pricing for Web Design or Development

Due to the swift nature of my work, I am able to offer you highly competitive prices for any freelance web design or development jobs – the result being that it will be far easier for us to reach a fair agreement. For example, you can select between an hourly fee or a fixed fee, allowing me to make a good calculation of the time required and thus ensuring a competitive price.

When it comes to working with me, I am all about understanding a client’s needs prior to the commencement of any given job. Work with me beforehand and we will make a good plan, one based on a deep awareness of your business vision for the future, which we will come to understand together through conversing openly before I begin the process of developing your website.

Saving You Money on Web Design or Development

To elaborate, hiring me to do a job for you as a freelance web developer will likely be cheaper than hiring an employee, because I have the time and resources to dedicate to getting to know what you require inside and out.

To hire an employee to do the same job would likely end up costing you more in the long run, partially due to the complications that can occur for you as a business due to your greater obligations over them.

Conversely, hiring someone such as myself externally means that we can decide on a fair and equal business plan together, one which will save you time and money (due to my work rate), and allows you to be free of concerning yourself with the extra cost of overheads – which you would have if you hired an employee.

Flexible Pricing

Although my benchmark rate is £42 per hour and £300 per 8 hour day, I am able to offer you a high degree of flexibility when it comes to pricing.

My shop has been designed to effectively support all your own online requirements. When you agree to a business plan with me, we will discuss every aspect of the pricing and come to the most fair and equanimous agreement for both my business and your business.

This has always been how I operate as a freelance web developer – offering fair deals for my clients and superb quality work at competitive prices.

With this personalised approach to business, I can come to really understand your business, your goals and your financial needs, and you are able to reap the benefits of knowing exactly why something will cost a certain amount of time and effort.

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